Ok, really it's plain old podcasting. An experimental serving of some of the full length archive tracks. Follow this link or paste the URL:
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puh 8 - puh archive

PUH Archive Now online!
Eight years of Puh? Now that IS puh! Correspondance-remix duo ken toba/gord high launch the new clock din puh archive -- after an octillion nanosecond-delay!
http://puh.clockdin.com (top window)
http://puh.clockdin.com (new window)

New Din!
Finally, some new din for you! This is kind of like mark two for the dins -- better control over the sound, I think!

It's a found sound track made from loops I grabbed out my window.
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The War Chops
Audio from coverage of the world's most recent war.
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Terminus1525 / Place-Time
Check out clock din's studio at this online gallery project
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Poster Archive
clock din gig posters
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The Russell 45s
Here it is - the shizz that paved the way for clock din. I lost the source files in summer of '98 due to the Chernobyl virus. Those were the days.
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How to clock din ...
Explains the basics of how to make a clock din - back compatible all the way to Flash 3.
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the art of stop and start


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